Trust Gaming GXT 188 Laban RGB Mouse

All your custom presets are stored in 1 of Laban’s 5 available profiles that are saved in the on board memory. No software is needed when you move from one game to another or from one user to another. Profiles can always be switched on-the-fly. This gaming mouse also make an ideal weapon of choice for gamers who often visit tournaments or huge LAN-parties, since you will always have your optimized settings with you.

The software also lets you adjust the full RGB LED lightning to the other pieces of your gear. Pick your own war colour or select the rainbow wave effect if you really want an eye-catcher!

Key Features

  • Advanced, high precision optical sensor up to 15.000 DPI resolution
  • Adjustable, full RGB LED lighting (with rainbow wave effect)
  • Ergonomically placed, easy access button
  • On-board memory to store 5 gaming profiles7 Programmable buttons
  • Advanced software for programming buttons, macro’s and lights
  • Rubber top layer for enhanced grip
  • Smooth, low-friction gliding pads


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