Trust Gaming GXT 180 Kusan Pro Gaming Mouse

As extensively tested by team Epsilon, the superior high-end quality materials and ideal lightweight, ergonomic design fit the needs of every competitive gamer perfectly. With its ambidextrous form factor, this mouse is designed for both left and right-handed gamers. The perfect palm and finger grip combined with the anti-slip coating assures optimal control in any circumstance. The 180cm rubber cable prevents drag and cable tangling so you can blaze through any battlefield sovereignly.

Key Features

  • High precision optical sensor up to 5.000 DPI6 responsive and programmable buttons
  • Onboard memory to store 5 gaming profiles
  • Customizable RGB lighting
  • Advanced software to program buttons and lights
  • Ergonomic and lightweight design
  • Co-developed with professional eSporters from Epsilon eSports


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