Content Creators

Afrikaanse spotprente en humor deur Kobus Galloway.
Mister Flak
South African gamer from the year 3032 sent back through time to fight your boredom and win Earth! Go time Boys!!
Furious Kitty
My name is Ingrid, a.k.a Furious Kitty, a 26 year-old avid gamer and setup enthusiast from South Africa. By day, I'm a graphic designer and by night, I'm a content creator. Gaming is my passion and it gives me so much joy to share it with the world.
"Having grown up as a gamer after receiving my first console way back in the late 80's (Atari 2600), I acquired my first Xbox console, the Arcade Core in 2006. I have since been apart of the Xbox Family for 10 years and still going strong.
Xbox MVP | Xbox Insider | Xbox Ambassador | Xbox Playdates ZA Host | Xbox Players SA Admin | Minecraftcoza Host | Manager Energy eSports"
Albert Le Roux

Hayley Wheeler " Haylstorm"
Hayley is from Cape Town, South Africa & recently became a mom to a little girl. She is a freelance graphic designer [Commissions closed], streamer & gamer. She streams Digital Art, Stream Raiders (Partner) & Marbles on Stream. She's an X-GAMER Partner & Razer Streamer.
Shaun Verth " HappyGamingZA"
I am a professional stunt man in films who has recently found love for streaming. Im here to give you crazy plays whilst interacting with you. Ask me questions about anything whether its my professional career or the games I play. Don't be shy!

I'm 23, I rage about 70% of the time and my streams are mostly comedy shows, Content Creator for @GigaHub_
Hey, I'm Zoltan, aka Zol. I'm a Competitive Warzone player and I currently hold the South African kills record for BR (46 solo trio). Playing under GigaHub. Powered by: MSI, Razer, AMD & Crucial Memory. Content Creator.
Hey guys! My name is Graeme. I am 23 years old and from South Africa. Competitive Warzone player and Content Creator for Gigahub (GHC). Hoping to make this a full time thing.
"On the boring side of things, I am a marketing executive. On the fun side of things, I am an Instagram content creator, (part-time) Twitch streamer and TikToker.

I started streaming on Twitch in 2019 and am currently working my way up.

I am a twin located in South Africa with a huge passion for streaming and content creation.

Join my journey!"
Hey guys, My name is Leah, I play Rainbow Six Siege live on YouTube, I am apart of the siege south africa community, this is rainbow six siege ranked, we also do siege alpha pack openings, some would also say i'm a rainbow six siege girl gamer, hope you enjoy the streams and join our little siege sa community.
"I read comics, watch movies and play games. I also write about things on the internet. |