DEEP ACCESSIBLE RALLY Five amazing locations:  •Australia, Spain, Michigan, Sweden & Wales Pushing the experience  •Refined handling  •Variable weather, PBR lighting, bigger crashes  •More cars, liveries & drivers Greater Accessibility  •Less challenging tracks  •Driver assists and difficulty levels  •Career structure

Key Features

YOUR ST4GE  Our USP & a game changer for racing  Shape your stage, face the unpredictable nature of it without fear, and share with friends to compete on YOUR ST4GE  Procedurally generated based on player selected Difficulty, Surface, Routes & Weather  Greater variety and added replayability  Your challenge. Your rules. YOUR ST4GE.  RALLYCROSS  The official game of the FIA World Rallycross Championship – the world’s fastest growing motorsport  Race at amazing WRX circuits in Portugal, France, Sweden, Norway & UK  Greater leveraging of talent from WRX  LANDRUSH Truck & buggy racing on short course dirt tracks, based on LOORRS & TORC Series 8 vehicles on track with jumps, banks, bumps & plenty of contact Race Pro Buggy, Pro 2 Truck, Pro 4 Truck & CrossKart vehicles USA locations: Las Vegas, Ensenada Port, Trona Pinnacles  CAREER MODE  16 hour core career mode  • Create your driver  • Compete in Rally / Rallycross / Landrush  • Gain sponsors  • Build your team Smoother learning curve Clear goals & rewards with greater sense of purpose


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