Rugby 18

Experience the full intensity of the biggest matches with RUGBY 18, the most complete rugby game to date. Jump into the roles of the official players from the most prestigious teams and leagues of the 2017-2018 season: Aviva Premiership Rugby, Wales, England, Scotland Dominate all the game phases using intuitive controls, and enjoy innovative gameplay that faithfully reproduces each situation of the sport. On attack or defence, your teammates take their positions and move to develop the game depending on your decisions Lead your favourite club to the top in Career mode, replay the biggest leagues and tournaments in League mode, and re-write history in the Match of the Week. Build up your dream team in My Squad mode by selecting your favourite players from all of the game's teams. Play one-on-one against a friend on the same console, or against players from around the world online

Key Features

With intuitive controls tailored for competitive gameplay and graphical fidelity to rugby’s top squads and players, RUGBY 18 is the most immersive rugby video game. - Authentic Rugby: The best squads in the world, realistic team play and AI behaviour, true stadium atmosphere - Instant immersion: Intuitive controls, dynamic tutorials, and deep game mechanics for long-term engagement - Build the ultimate squad: Put together the best fantasy squad and enter the competitive community Faithful visuals: - Game engine completely redesigned to display the best looking rugby - Accurate 3D recreations of the best teams and players in the world - Actual rugby players motion captured for realistic and fluid animation Build your Squad: In addition to playing the best squads and players in the world, gamers will be able to build their own fantasy squad: - Earn in-game currency as you play and recruit your favourite players in a fully dedicated game mode - Face other player’s squads online and see who has the best XV True Stadium Feel - Audience shout and cries - Field players' calls and impacts - Real-time referee voiceover - Full audio commentary from professional sportscasters In addition to Squad Building and Match of the Week, , RUGBY 18 features a wide range of game modes for all kinds of rugby fans: - Career Mode: : progress through many key matches with increasing difficulty - Offline Quick Match : settle the score with a friend on the same screen - Online Quick Match : compete online and perfect your skills - Season : play the complete, best official championships and tournaments - Workshops : train and up your game with this series of advanced tutorials

System Requirements



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